Linda Stoffel’s CD Release Party

This Friday evening (December 14, 2012) at the Yellow House come join us –  Blackberry Winter Band will perform and there will be songs from Linda’s new album “SongBird”, some old favorites, and Christmas carols!  Enjoy chili, goodies (you may bring some if you feel so inclined), great camaraderie for a really fun-filled evening!  Linda and the band will have CD’s for sale if you haven’t already filled all those stockings. The festivities start at 7 PM. Admission $5.
It's a party! This Friday evening at the Yellow House Linda Stoffel along with Blackberry Winter Band will perform songs from Linda's new album "Song Bird", some old favorites and Christmas carols! I understand there will be chili and all kinds of other goodies to chow down on. Bring your listening ears and a snack to share (if you want, NOT mandatory!) for a fun filled evening! Linda and the band will have CD's for sale if you haven't already filled all those stockings. The festivities start at 7 PM. Admission $5.

Buffalo Field Campaign

lone buffaloBuffalo Field Campaign (BFC) is the only group working in the field every day in defense of the last wild buffalo population in the U.S.

It has been almost four years since I volunteered with these folks for two weeks in West Yellowstone, Montana.  They were incredibly organized (there were 25 of us there at the time) and totally dedicated to protecting these magnificent animals.  We went out in small groups to different areas where buffalo came out of  Yellowstone Park armed with our video cameras to witness and record how they were being treated.  Until BFC was created buffalo were shot on sight as soon as they stepped across the imaginary line into the no-tolerance state of Montana.  They are now, 15 years later, given a short reprieve in some areas outside the Park where they come out to lower elevations looking for food and to calf their young; and when  their time limit is up, they are hazed by horseback, helicopters and ATV’s back into the park or rounded up and sent to slaughter.  Quite an Herd in Yellowstoneabominable situation really, although it is much improved.

At an elevation of over 7000 feet the clear, crisp air, the beauty of the still snow covered hillsides (in April) left me breathless – literally.   At the end of the two weeks walking around on snowshoes for the first time and hiking up steep hillsides, sitting for hours and watching these majestic animals, hanging out in the van as the herd passed by within a few feet of my open door so close I could hear them breathing, postholing (sinking down in the snow rather abruptly I might add) up to my hip, and gathering together at night to report all that had happened with each group that day and make plans for the next day – I was not only in the best shape of my life, but I  felt so fulfilled, happy, part of something so worthwhile. I highly recommend this experience no matter your age.  At the very least these folks are people you can feel good about supporting.

Grazing in Yellowstone

Grazing in Yellowstone

That is why out of each CD sold, $1.00  will be split between BFC and my other love, the West Plains Regional Animal Shelter (information forthcoming).  If you want to know more about these folks they have a wonderful, very detailed website:  Check them out and I hope you find it in your heart (and means) to send some support.  You won’t regret it.



SongbirdWhew!  It is finally done and on the way.  My first solo CD, Songbird will be delivered beginning of December.  Quite a journey it has been from the idea of laying down 5 tracks on Garage Band on my computer in March to recording 13 tracks in Rideout’s Hideout Recording Studio.  I have learned so much about myself, my voice, the recording process.  Patience and persistence are the words for the day – you need a lot of both.  But I think most important is to remember to have fun and enjoy the process.  I am truly  grateful to have had the opportunity.

songbird song list