Pic Linda:WashboardLinda grew up on the East Coast living in several states from north to south ending up in N. Carolina in the early 80’s where she delighted audiences with her soprano harmonies and rhythm guitar in the acoustic trio of “Kirby’s Dilemma,” a country/folk, rock, bluegrass, and original music band.  The group was inspired by all genre of music.  “We were living in a time of folk music revival and unadulterated rock and roll.  We were listening to every one from Pete Seeger and Joni Mitchell to the Rolling Stones and we weren’t afraid to try any of it.”

In 1998 Linda landed in the Ozarks where she connected with Marideth Sisco to create a 4 piece women’s band called Coyote, which eventually disbanded when one of the women left the area.  Again in 2005 she reconnected with Marideth and added her voice to the Davis Creek Rounders, a group located in West Plains, Missouri, known for their diverse abilities and extensive knowledge of old-time and folk music.

Then in 2009 the Blackberry Winter Band formed as an extension of the movie, “Winter’s Bone,” recording some of the movie’s music. Three members from the Davis Creek Rounders – Linda, Dennis, and Marideth  – became part of this new band.  The band has recorded two CD’s and did a 27-city in 29 days international tour around the entire United States which also slid into Vancouver, Canada.  Linda has now recorded her solo CD called Song Bird which includes a variety of music from traditional folk to contemporary pop reflecting her eclectic interests.  What’s next?  Who knows; but it will be exciting.


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