“Nani” Is Stolen

Pic from OACC 2013

In January, actually the evening of New Year’s Day, my brand new Takamine guitar that took me two years to find was stolen.  (What a way to start the new year!)  It just broke my heart.  In my life, I am so fortunate to have wonderful friends.  Tedi May has been searching online everyday since day one.  Another dear friend, Michelle Gurley, decided to help by starting a fund drive to collect enough money ($2000) to replace it (www.gofundme.com/LindaStoffelGuitarFund) and incredibly we are almost half way there!  I just keep picturing myself playing this beautiful guitar again; I am so grateful to all who have contributed so far.  Here’s what Michelle had to say online (thank you, Michelle):

Musician Linda Stoffel recently had her beloved guitar, Nani, stolen right out of her car in her own garage. She lost a part of her heart and soul that day. Those of us who are friends and fans of Linda Stoffel want to show our love and support for her by helping her to raise the $2000.00 needed to replace her guitar. She is a gifted musician and truly wonderful person who supports many causes herself and she is a friend who always has your back. Let’s show Linda the same love and support she has shown so many others by making a donation and helping her to replace her stolen guitar!
Here is the story of Linda and her guitar Nani, in Linda’s own words:
“Her name is Nani (Hawaiian for beautiful). For two years I searched for just the right guitar. My old dreadnaught Epiphone was too large to acomodate my shoulder, which had been injured in a car accident. Finding the right instrument is a very personal journey, ask any musician. I played all kinds of guitars, listened to lots of recommendations and even purchased one online and promptly returned it. One day I walked into a music store at the same time that a gentleman was opening his guitar case in order to trade it in for another, and that was it. I strummed it once, fell in love immediately and walked out of the store with my new guitar! It was such a joy to play- and then it was gone- stolen right out of my garage as I was unloading my car at my new residence in Springfield. Five months is all I had the pleasure of playing Nani. Needless to say, I was stunned. Mostly I have felt disbelief and a deep sadness. Sometimes I look around expecting to see her. To come up with $2000.00 to replace her- well, that’s just not possible right now. So I search pawn shops and music stores, friends watch online for me, I talk to the police now and then and visualize playing this beautiful guitar again.”

How lucky can one person be; I am blessed to have such wonderful friends in my life.


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