West Plains Regional Animal Shelter


These beautiful, waiting-for-adoption animals are all at the West Plains Regional Animal Shelter, a no-kill shelter dedicated to saving the lives of abandoned, neglected, abused and unwanted animals, which took in 295 animals from January-November 2012.  Out of those, they found homes for 263.  Now I don’t know about you, but I think that is fabulous and something I love to support. Fluffy ALL of the money donated goes for the care of the animals, vet bills, food, cleaning Babesupplies and electric and phone bills.  They are a grassroots, down home organization supported by volunteers and the “Out of Harms Way” Thrift Store.  Did you know:

***8 million animals enter a shelter situation in the 
   USA each year
***4-5 MILLION of these animals are euthanized each year

Pumpkin II'smom12-15-12

Until last year I did not even know we had a no-kill shelter.  A sweet female dog showed up at my place with what looked like a bullet hole in her side. I could not afford to take her to the vet (we already had 3 dogs and 2 cats, all rescues) and did not have the heart to not help her either.  By calling around for shelters I ended finding “Out of Harms Way”.  They took her to the vet, covering all her expenses and kept her to find her a new home.

Landalls dad 12-14-12-1

Folks just like you and me can make the difference in the lives of so many animals who through no fault of their own are out there on our streets in every town in Missouri.  These two were lucky and have found their forever home.

Let’s help our local shelter do more by volunteering time, giving donations of food, pet care items, and money, donations to and purchases from  the thrift store.  They always need building materials, fencing and office supplies.  Let’s not leave it for the few to take care of the many.  Each one of us can make the difference in the life of an animal.  
 Maggie 3-12

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